Medical staffing solution


TrueBlue is industry focused staffing agency providing temporary and long term medical personnel for hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities and other healthcare institutions.


Hire a staffing agency can benefit your business by offset employment costs such as employee benefits, employment taxes, criminal background checks, drug tests etc. and can improve any healthcare facility quality rating.


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As an experienced nurse, I know how difficult it can be working at a healthcare facility, and how much time is invested in helping everyone. Overtime and weariness very often lead to absenteeism, which has a key impact on the medical facility itself, their employees, patients and finally the whole care service in place. It's very important to maintain the proper amount of staffing to ensure the happiness of all involved in the healthcare process and ensure that the staff to patient ratio is up to standards for regulation purposes.


Our priority is to help you to deliver to your customers the best possible quality services. We value our reputation and our clients reputation. We are committed to quality staffing and work with facilities that have a wide range of staffing levels. Our areas of coverage are vast and can incorporate even urban/rural communities. We screen all of our applicants and clients, allowing us to place highly trained, knowledgeable, and competent staff for your company's many diverse needs.